"I cannot think of a time when my friend Kristin Jacobs’ leadership has been more needed than during this current crisis.  Losing her is a true blow to our district and I intend to use my experience in government to do all I can to continue her work of fighting for our community in Tallahassee. When I entered public office as the Mayor of Parkland, I could never have imagined that I would see our community brutalized by a mass shooting and confronted by the devastating effects of an international health emergency.  Both of these events have revealed urgent issues that must be addressed by the legislature now including gun safety, emergency preparedness, economic recovery and fixing a broken unemployment system.  As your representative, I will work to make Florida safer and more secure."

- Christine



  • Ensure our community's needs during this tragic pandemic are met.

  • Bring common sense gun safety laws.

  • Help our uninsured by accepting the Medicaid dollars from the federal government that had been rejected

  • Fix our broken unemployment system.

  • Work to help our public schools and attract the best teachers.

  • Continue the work of Rep. Jacobs by fighting for the environment and clean water.

"I am running for State House to continue making a difference and using my crisis management skills to help our community get through and recover from the tragic fallout from the Coronavirus crisis."  

                                                                              ~ Christine


Vote August 18, 2020!